First, I don't know why, but everyone of your post comes through as a text 
attachment which has to be saved out to be read. Others
on the list come through normal.

When puting just a few parts in a connector I try  to solder the parts directly 
to the pins on the back of the connector in a way
that allows the shell to still fit. If there are too many parts or wires that 
need to be connect to allow this and still keep the
parts ridged, then a small perf  board should be used. In eather case, make use 
of very small heat swrink to prevent shorts.

I also use hot melt glue to hold parts and wires in place and reduce strain. If 
the factory shell can not be used, then I mold the
area with hot melt. Once you have a solid mass that covers all bare wires, you 
can shape i with a soldering iron. With very little
practice you can smooth the glue to look like it was molded on. Then heat 
swrink tubing can be used to cover it and make it look
nice. If you have a soldering iron with adjustable temp, keep it low for 
shaping. If you latter need to work on it, you can remove
the glue with a dental pick with a bit of work.

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