I took a look in driver.c and it has a lines

    if (mpeg_dev<0 && (driver == cx88_blackbird)) { // the blackbird 
uses two (!) different devices, search the other one.
      v4l2_fd = -1;
      devName = cString::sprintf("/dev/video%d", i);
      mpeg_fd = open(devName, O_RDWR);

And the video1 device is selected with CARD1 in channels.conf.

Would that not implicate that it could support HVR1300? It is a 
blackbird device after all. Of course if pvrinput does not support the 
card then it does not. It would be nice though if it would :)

It came to me that since the dvb-t is in use the mpeg device is not 
usable, perhaps.


Martin Dauskardt kirjoitti:
> The HVR 1300 is not supported by the pvrinput plugin. Card/driver work in a 
> very different way from ivtv-supported cards, using a second device for the 
> mpeg encoder.
> It is not sure if pvrinput will ever support this card

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