>> I have myself thinked about the possibility of running vdr/xineliboutput
>> client on low end systems that just have usb 2.0 but not any graphic
>> cards or free pci slots available.
>> Has anybody experiences from the "usb vga" or "usb dvi" graphic card
>> adapters like these?
> I think the answer is here:
> "Sewell claims that these USB-driven monitors have the same quality as
> standard DVI monitors at displays of* up to 20-inches*"
> And what about all the GPU power? Someone has to handle MPEG decoding in
> hardware.
> As I see it, if you want low power silent box in your living room you'll
> have to keep a server with cards/USBs somewhere in your basement. If I had a
> basement, that's exactly that I would do :)

Well, at the moment I have amd X2 4850 cpu on my server and one of the 
client is about 10 year old Pentium III 733 mhz with 10 mb network card 
and and integrated intel graphich card. This client user vdr-xineliboutput
to 20" VGA monitor and works very well with SD channels.

I have also tested streaming from VDR to Nokia N810 internet tablet.
In that test I used the Streamdev plugin on server and mplayer on Nokia 
N810. (I have not tested xineliboutput with N810 because xine related libs 
seems to be hard to find for it and I did not had time by myself to start 
building everything for that...)

So it indicates that the client do not neccessary need to have so much 
power on client unless the USB graphich card is very different beast from 
the resource eating standpoint.


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