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Forthcoming VDR Release To Support VDPAU

Posted by Michael Larabel on March 09, 2009

NVIDIA's VDPAU feature for providing greater GPU acceleration during video 
playback on Linux desktops has experienced
great adoption since its November launch. This NVIDIA-spawned video API has 
already worked its way into open-source
projects like MPlayer / FFmpeg, MythTV, Xine, and XBMC. This morning we find 
out from Stefan Huskamp that a new Linux VDR
(Video Disk Recorder) / EasyVDR release is coming soon and it too will feature 
support for the Video Decode and
Presentation API for Unix through its use of the Xine library. 

The latest release of this German open-source software is version 1.6.0 and it 
came out last March. The current
development release is version 1.7.4. Look for a new release soon with VDPAU 
support. If Intel ends up implementing VDPAU
support times will certainly be great for video playback on Linux, Not only is 
VDPAU much better than XvMC, but it even
allows HD video playback with a very cheap GPU and CPU.

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