VDR User schrieb:
> I've been using vdpau-enabled xine in VDR-1.7.4 (via xine-0.9.0) for
> some time now so if he's only saying it's possible then that's old
> news.  But if he's saying vdpau will be supported in VDR core, then
> that's pretty big news in my opinion (although I don't believe that's
> the case).
Think thats some bad wording. It should rather have been (changed part 
between **):
"This morning we find out from Stefan Huskamp that a new  *EasyVDR 
(Linux VDR Distribution (Video Disk Recorder 
<http://www.cadsoft.de/vdr/>))* release is coming soon and it too will 
feature support for the Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix 
through its use of the Xine library."

Furthermore i hope that thisis not blocking the efforts of AMD/ATI and 
Intel (or better is pushing this two) and that in the end something 
along VA-API is being used.
> Either way I'm glad to see VDR getting some promo! :)
For sure - better if it would have been more precise ;)



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