Dear Thomas,

1. In your patchset the patch fb-radeon-intel.patch [1] does include
changes to drivers/video/intelfb/intelfbhw.c although in the install
instructions [2] it is stated that intel drivers do not need to be

The changelog in 0.11 includes these two items.

- patch against intelfb (kernel 2.6.26) to allow for PAL/SCART
  video timings. You now can use a regular SCART CRT as display
  for linux console.
- fixed a bug in intelfb initialization which sporadically
  setup video timing with weirdous values

I guess the installation instructions need to be updated for release

If this is correct I would update the instructions.

2. Well I was going to ask this question on linux-fbdev-devel but did
not do so until I get a reply to my other message.

a) Why is MIN_CLOCK set to 25000 in intelfbhw.h [3]? What would be the
downside of setting it to 10000?

b) Where do I get information about the registers, like what DPLL_A and
DPLL_VCO_ENABLE is? In the header file some values are assigned to them,
but where is it documented what they mean?

        DPLL_A VCO for interlaced mode 800x...@50i\n");



[2] (last section) 

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