Hi all,

In case you have a high resolution output device (LCD/Plasma) you probably
noticed that image
plugin show low quality results even when the original image is a very high

To fix it, replace the following lines in liboutput/encode.c file from:
    m_nWidth  = 720;
    m_nHeight = m_bUsePAL ? 576 : 480;


    m_nWidth  = 1920;
    m_nHeight = 1080;

Or other output resolution if you don't have a full HD screen.

Developers of image plugin, it would be great to have those 2 parameters
configurable for that plugin.
Also, I've noticed the xinelibout (or OSD) stuck many times when I use image

And another improvement:
Since image conversion takes lots of time (about 2-3 seconds on E6600) it
will be great if the plugin will
try to cache next or previous image (depends on user direction) in advance,
so the switch will be instant.

Converting 9 images to show the 3x3 screen takes VERY long. Maybe should
convert them to a very
low resolution images to make is faster.

Beside that, thanks for a good plugin.
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