Thank you for your responses. I would be happy for any help offered and 
would gladly share any results I come up with. If anyone wants my diffs
for building xinelib/vdr-fbe on PCH, please mail me.

For me, the overall goal is:
        - Get the functionality of a full VDR frontend on PCH

The current tech. idea is;
        - Use mono to display audio/video
        - Use custom directfb app to display xineliboutput VDR OSD and
          get lirc input

The initial tasklist as I see it:
        - Test mono with xineliboutput http access
        - Make a simple directfb app displaying some image and see
          if it can show it ontop of a running mono av-stream.
        - Hack vdr-fbfe/xinelib wildly to get OSD from xineliboutput
          onto PCH.
        - Possibly rewrite without using xinelib.

It might be good to locate the 'project' somewhere with a decent Wiki
and SVN repository. Please suggest something.

Please note though that the time I can put on this is very limited, my
VDR adventures is a very slow moving process, with family, house and 
work taking up most of my time.


Johan Andersson,

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