> Country: Finland
> Transmission: DVB-T, DVB-S/S2
> Encoding: MPEG-2 for SD (lots of them) and H.264 for HD (about 10)

I'd add: What is on the news DVB-T2 expected for terrestrial HD. Now there
are 2 T-based HD licenses open in Finland, I really hope FTA channels gets
those licenses. And after 2 HD channels gets the permit to broadcast, they
most probably will come to DVB-C as well.

> Country: Finland
> Transmission: DVB-C
> Encoding: MPEG-2 for SD ~30 channels. HD ( h.264) is available but Im not
watchin yet.:)

And for DVB-C -based HD starting from April fool's day "Cable HD ready"
compatibility is needed (card pairing). Goodbye open software. So I lost my
interest on VDR & HD until commercial channels bring FTA HD-channels. So I
returned my commercial DVB-C HD package with compliments. 


This "Cable HD ready" is a requirement by Hollywood for 'premium' content.
Premium content is the same sh*t what already comes in SD just in HD. With
this I mean Discovery HD versus Discovery. Quality is different but the
content is the same. 

I don't know where is the truth (not out there) and what is an explanation
to justify what they are doing. On "Cable HD Ready" I can just find Finnish
text. Nothing on Germany / UK etc. It is supposed to be Universal
requirement and standard set by the real content owners. "You cannot license
our HD channels on your network unless you have card pairing".

= standard for linked card CI interface what is needed for "Cable HD Ready".

Good thing is that set-top-boxes are open for commercial competition. So for
Canal Digital HD you will have a choise to use some other vendor box. Bad
thing is that no non-commercial device will get the licenses and needed
encryption keys.

- Jori

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