On 20.03.2009 13:11, Hawes, Mark wrote:

> Since upgrading to VDR-1.7.4 I have experienced some instability when
> recording to an NTFS partition.
> The recording itself seems to proceed OK, but the recorded programs will
> generally only play for a few seconds before freezing. Pausing live
> video and then resuming play will also trigger the problem. Subsequently
> rewinding a recording that has been so paused will only rewind to the
> pause point, not the beginning of the recording.
> All works well when using vdr-1.7.2 to record on the same system to the
> same partition, and when I placed my recording directory on a reiserfs
> partition all worked well too. So it appears to be
> a problem recording on NTFS partitions introduced with the switch to .ts
> file recording.

Does it make a difference if you comment out the line


in VDR/tools.c?


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