On 22.03.2009 09:15, Hawes, Mark wrote:
> ...
> I have checked the recording directory and sure enough, the index file stops 
> growing after a short while (seconds).
> I have tried mounting the NTFS partition with the async option but to no 
> avail, i.e. problem is still there.

Please try adding some debug output to the cIndexFile functions
to see whether any new index entries are generated at all.

> BTW: How do I respond to an already open thread? All I seem to be able to do 
> is start a new one.

Well, I didn't mean to mention this, but since you're asking: for
starters it might be a good idea to stop posting in HTML and to set
line wrapping to a reasonable value ;-)
To reply to a posting, hit the "Reply" button in your email client.
Make sure the reply goes to the list, and not to the original poster.
Maybe you need to hit "Reply to all" and remove the original poster's
address from the list of receipients.


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