Heinrich Langos schrieb:
> I ran a couple of tests with a different DVB-T USB stick. The rather old
> "Fujitsu-Siemens DVB-T Mobile TV". That one turns out to need a lot less
> system resources. It also transfers the whole transport stream (several
> video and audio streams) over the USB and leaves demuxing to the host. 
> So we are not comparing apples and oranges.
> Comparing those numbers seems to indicate that there is room for improvment
> for the af9015 driver. 
> I'll try to get my hands on a couple more different usb receivers to try out
> some of the other drivers.
I borrowed an af9015 device some time ago, and the owner told me that 
the primary problem with it is that it has no hardware PID filter. So 
even if VDR is only doing EPG scanning, the complete multiplex is 
congesting the USB link. Maybe your Fujitsu-Siemens receiver has a 
hardware PID filter...



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