For the last few weeks I've been developing a python library to provide
DVB support for boxstar. I decided to make something useful out of my
testing tools so I wrote a channel scanner which can output in VDR
format. Its advantages over the scan tool in linuxtv-dvb-apps include:

It has a Freesat option and it can get channel numbering for that as
well as for Freeview. It needs a bit help to deal with regional channels

It doesn't round DVB-T frequencies to KHz, getting VDR confused about
whether channels it's found in its own scans are new.

There's also a companion tool which merges channels.conf from Freeview,
Freesat and BSkyB FTA, and probably others which I haven't been able to
test, making sure all LCNs are unique, removing channels duplicated in
Freesat and BSkyB, and sorting remaining channels alphabetically.

If anyone's interested, I've checked it into git at in branch "pydvb".

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