Heinrich Langos wrote:
> BTW: I got myself a "Toshiba USB DVB-T Tuner PX1211E-1TVD" based on the
> DiB3000M-C/P. Unlike the siemens stick it has a pid filter. 
> I only tested it without the pid filter yet, and it seems to perform as 
> good as the siemens stick in terms of system load. So I guess it uses big
> packets for the bulk transfers.

I didn't find that stick from code. I assume it is "LITE-ON USB2.0 DVB-T 
Tuner" which is sold rebranded as Toshiba (according to one comment in 
code). If same device then it does have PID filter and uses 4096 BULK 

> I hope I'll have some time to test it further this weekend. Hopefully it 
> turns out to reduce the system load by the driver to a reasonable level.
> If so I will finally get around to look into vdr itself as a cause of
> wasted CPU cycles and energy... :-)

I have very many devices but haven't tested loads yet.


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