Dear everyone,

some German providers offer IPTV. Public stations are broadcasted using
DVB IPTV/multicast(?) [1][2] and I can watch them using a special port
of the provided modem and for example mplayer.

Do you know if it is possible to watch also private stations on the
computer? Using the provided Set-Top-Box and a smartcard(?) it is
possible to watch those and even stream movies from a videothek.

I did not find any information or tutorials on the Web.

The thought behind this is, if I could not do this, if it would be
useful to build a PVR with vdr, if I was not able to play those
stations┬╣. One way solution would be to use DVB-T. But I would like to
circumvent that.

Thanks in advance,


┬╣ Sure, it still has advantages like the possibility to surf the Web and
to set up everything to my need. But the main point is still to watch


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