Using VDR 1.7.4, I have a motorized dish and as the wind from time to time moves
just a little bit the dish, need to be able to save positions rather than just
GOTOx. As far as I know only the rotor plugin which does not work with S2-API,
Kaffeine and xdipo ( a stand-alone program which supports bash commands) can

My choice given the above is xdipo to configure and save the positions and then
from VDR have menu entries (with vdr-setup plugin) telling the rotor to move
here or there.

- Can somebody point out a script to add a prefix such as 19E to all channels on
a given file without screwing channels.conf in the process?

- How can in 1.7.4 markers be added to channels.conf? what is the syntax?

The idea behind is to do that for channels from various orbital positions and
then combine them in one big channels.conf where it is easy to see at a glance
what satellite a particular channel belongs to.

Again if someone has an even better idea of how to do this I am open to new

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