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> > vdr is not deleting files it does not know. Its only deleting empty 
> > directories in its video directories.
> From the VDR/INSTALL file:
>   Note that you should not copy any non-VDR files into the /videoX 
> directories,
>   since this might cause a lot of unnecessary disk access when VDR 
> cleans up those
>   directories and there is a large number of files and/or subdirectories 
>   there.
> The video directory is VDR's own space, there shall be nothing else
> in there. If the user puts anything non-VDR related into it (even by
> mistake), it's their fault.
> Klaus

A pretty much simplified approach ;-)

A simple use case:
* standalone settop box with VDR and DVD recording capability
* OS gets a seperate small partition
* /videoX get the big rest

Now install the usual suspects:
vdr-burn or vdrconvert

They need a lot of temporary space.
So there are two options:
* blocking ++20GB just for temporary files for burning and greating a 
seperate partition
* put the temp files for burning in /videoX  ;-)

The second approach is the most usefull assuming a typical 100..200GB HD.
Hence the INSTALL file is a lame excuse.
We should find a good aproach to solve this even when a single disc space 
is used.
Don't forget, the majority of users will never use RAID, LVM and similar 
advanced concepts.
Better focus on KISS.


P.S. I put it in /videoX on a stand alone box for my brother and had to 
make a lot of modifications to script tools like burn and vdrconvert to 
insure their temporary directories are NOT killed by VDR.
This caused initially a LOT OF TROUBLE ...

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