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> On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 11:08 AM, Steffen Barszus <st_bars...@gmx.de> wrote:
>> the content therein is pretty vdr specific. So the suggested (and
>> sensible) recommendations are in fact not that obvious. This also shows
>> that there is a solution/recommendation to create some .do_not_touch
>> files in possible empty directories required by plugins to make them
>> not-empty this way, to ensure vdr to startup with these plugins
>> (dvdswitch, burn, etc)
> The most sensible thing to me would be to ask the authors of those
> plugins to make the directories it uses user-defined instead of
> hardcoding VDR's recording directory, or change them in the source.
> It seems backwards to change VDR's core behavior because of poor
> plugin design.  That's just my 2 cents, maybe I've missed something
> though.
You have missed something indeed. Don't assume poor implementation 
without checking the facts or even read all of them. There are different 
type of users, usages, requirements out there then you might think. This 
is going from 300Mhz / 40GiB to 2x3Ghz / 8TB harddisk space - LFS to 
Linvdr and everything inbetween. So keep calm and play nice. We talked 
about distribution defaults here. Nobody is asking anymore for change in 

These plugins do have configurable directories. They have in common, 
that they need plenty of space. The distribution defaults are as example 
as below And thats where the problems started.

Just looked it up:
# Path to DVD images
# (default is /var/lib/video/film/dvd)
# --imagedir=PATH

# use DIR to store ISO images
# (default: /video/iso)

This is  ctvdr/e-tobi mix (still 1.4.7 here  - might have changed in the 
meantime) And i don't blame anyone - i just hope next version of 
debian/e-tobi,c'tvdr, ubuntu, EasyVDR <insert your favourite here> will 
pick up the suggestions made :)

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