The EnigmaNG skin v0.1.0 has been release. It's waiting for dowload at

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*** Changes since v0.0.6 ***
- Requires at least VDR v1.6.0.
- Fixed: Calculating width of events' start times in channel info OSD
(Reported by tomglx @vdr-poprtal.de).
- Changed: pause scrolling when text has scrolled all to the left in
scroll behaviour "to the left" (Reported by Andreas Brugger).
- Reworked: (simplified) font loading/caching.
- Updated Italian translation (Provided by Diego Pierotto).
- Removed: ENABLE_COPYFONT define.
- Changed: Reduced number of font recreations (Reported by balta
- Added: more CA systems to text mappings in channel info OSD
(Submitted by free-x @vdr-portal.de).
- Added: symbol in channel info OSD if current channel has subtitles.
- Changed: background colors for the DarkBlue theme (Submitted by zulu
- Added: New option "Show CA system as text".
- Changed: Reduced number of locks while drawing to OSD which
increases display speed especially in menu OSD.
- Added: show signal strength and signal-to-noise ratio in channel
info OSD (can be disabled by setting SKINENIGMA_DISABLE_SIGNALINFO to
- Fixed: compiler error with certain gcc versions (Reported by C-3PO @
- Changed: smooth scrolling text (based on skinelchi by Christoph
Haubrich <christoph.haubrich (AT) web.de>).
- Changed: Replace "/" by "~" in channel logo names.
- Added: new setting "Show scrollbar in menu".
- Added: Override VDR's SetTabs() to adopt column widths in menu OSD
to selected font size.
- Added: Support subtitle tracks in tracks OSD: logo will only be
shown if icons/subtitle/subtitle.xpm exists.
- Fixed: missing logo in tracks OSD while using single area.
- Minor bugfixes and enhancements.

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