On 22.04.2009 14:43, Falk Spitzberg wrote:
> while playing with ACPI wakeup, i noticed that VDR always sets a
> wakeuptime of now+30 minutes, when the timeframe from 'now' to 'begin of
> next recording' is less than 30 Minutes.
> Is that intended behaviour?

It is, for two reasons:

- The next wakeup time may be very shortly in the future, and the PC may 
not have shut down until then. As a result, the PC will never wake up 
again, no matter how many timers there will be.

- You insisted to shut down, so you probably have a good reason for it. 
Maybe you're about to work on hardware, and as a real man you never pull 
the plug. Would you be happy if the PC suddenly woke up?



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