This is the first version with support for the VDR 1.7.x development
branch. VDR versions older than VDR 1.7.6 are not supported anymore!
Major credits go to Rolf Ahrenberg! Thanks a lot!

The changes:

* Updated VDR patch and plugin to VDR 1.7.6 with support for the TS
  recording format and added separate delay setting for TS recordings.
* Silence compiler warning about unchecked read return value.
* After replaying, reset the last channel variable and trigger a channel
  switch to reinitialize the live ttxtsubs display.
* Removed unused local copy of vdrttxtsubshooks.c|h

The major goal for the future developement of the Ttxtsubs plug-ins is to
 integrating ttxtsubs into the VDR core.

Rolf Ahrenberg already provided solutions for some of the problems
regarded to this goal:

As always: Any help is welcome!

Development site:



Anonymous Git-access :

For the required VDR-patches, I've also set up a Git-Repository, based on
the one maintained by Dieter Hametner:;a=summary

This is intended to be a community maintained project! Don't expect me
to fix your problems, I'm merely maintaining the project!

Please report any bugs, ideas or feature requests to the project site (no
registration required for this!). If you want to contribute patches, new
features or whatever, post an issue or patch to the projects issue tracker
or request to join the project. I would happily add everyone as a project
member, who would like to contribute to the project!

If you want to contribute but don't know what to do - start with some code

Currently some help from translators would be welcome for the Swedish


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