This is not correct. I am having problems with droped frames on atsc hd and I 
turned off speed scaling so both cores would stay at
2.6ghz. It had NO EFFECT.

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> > I have improvement with HD channels cpu utilization wise but still
> > choppy image.
> >
> > Do I need to patch vdr itself or change some config options to
> > optimize the speed?
> Don't let the powernowd or the cpufreqd clock down your CPU. With the
> current Nvidia-Driver you need at least 2GHz clock speed with your AMD CPU.
> The onboard graphic needs the memory controller inside the cpu to access
> the memory and it seem it is not fast enough if the CPU is clocked down.
> For less power consumption you could undervolt your CPU instead.
> More Informations you can get in the VDPAU is a
> hot topic there.
> Gerald
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