My dvb-t usb device (TwinhanDTV USB-Ter USB1.1 / Magic Box I / HAMA USB1.1) 
works well with vdr 1.6.0-2,
but it can't handle more than one channel at once properly. If I record a 
channel and tune to a second channel
on the same frequency, this will cause artefacts in the recording or in live 
display of the second channel.

How do I change vdr detection of this device, so vdr knows it can only 
replay/record one channel at once? Is there a patch
available already? Vdr should change to the recording channel and lock it 
during the recording (usefull if someone tries
to switch channel by mistake).

I do have others dvb device installed in my vdr system - whatever changes I 
apply should not affect them.

Thanks and greetings

Mr Tux

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