Paul Menzel wrote:
> Dear list,
> I am trying to set up IPTV for German public stations. They provide
> the multicast addresses [1]. I have to use the Hansenet ones. They
> also provide playlists for VLC and MPlayer [2]. I used VLC to watch
> some channels and that worked quite OK, if the modem has synced
> correctly(?), i. e. has a good connection. With VLC it stuttered
> every 5 seconds with some channels.

The plugin *should* actually have native support for rtp wrapped udp
multicast data such as your streams seem to be. It is not well tested
but I'd love to hear rtp being successfully used somewhere :)

Do you know what encoding format your provider uses for the streams?
Play it with mplayer -v rtp:// to see the information.

If it is in one of the formats supported by vdr (MPEG2/TS or h264 with
vdr patches) you could try the plugin native methods for inputting the
data to vdr.

So instead of doing complicated and error prone EXT|vlc2iptv -stream
conversion your channels.conf entry could look something like this (for

Das Erste;IPTV:10:IPTV|S1P0|UDP||1234:P:0:2:3:0:0:1:0:0:0

In the best case you'd get working epg, automatic pid updates and all the
other goodies from the stream when using native udp input methods.


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