Paul Menzel wrote:
> Am Samstag, den 02.05.2009, 21:24 +0300 schrieb Antti Seppälä:
>> Do you know what encoding format your provider uses for the streams?
>> Play it with mplayer -v rtp:// to see the information.

> TRIED UP TO POSITION 321104, FOUND 47, packet_size= 188, SEEMS A TS? 1

Mplayer detects that your stream is transport stream, which is what vdr

> PARSE_PMT(28106 INDEX 0), STREAM: 0, FOUND pid=0x30 (48), type=0x10000005, 
> ES_DESCR_LENGTH: 0, bytes left: 28
> ...descr id: 0xa, len=4
> Language Descriptor: deu
> PARSE_PMT(28106 INDEX 1), STREAM: 1, FOUND pid=0x31 (49), type=0x50, 
> ES_DESCR_LENGTH: 6, bytes left: 17
> ...descr id: 0x56, len=10
> PARSE_PMT(28106 INDEX 2), STREAM: 2, FOUND pid=0x34 (52), type=0xffffffff, 
> ES_DESCR_LENGTH: 12, bytes left: 0

This is the pid information vdr also requires in the channels.conf entry.

> Searching for picture parameter set... H264: 0x128
> OK!

This means that the stream is using h264 encoding.

> I tried it with S0P0 and there was only a black screen shown and I could
> see the VDR menu on top of it. I also noticed the the following line was
> added to channels.conf. I do not know how it got there.
> Das 
> Erste;ARD:10:IPTV|S0P0|UDP||1234:P:0:0:49=deu:52:0:28106:1:1019:0

The line was added by vdr when it detected that the stream is in the format it
supports. (Though I wonder if it shouldn't happen when disabling sid scanning
with S0.)

It also means that iptv plugin is working and the stream in rtp format
is really supported.

The entry contains 0 as the video pid which means that the channel is treated
like a radio channel.

> Changing to this channel with the up key, I could hear the audio, but
> instead of the video some kind of animation was shown. Those you can set
> up in your media players and which move to the audio.

This is what xineliboutput does when viewing a radio channel. It's called the
goom plugin.

I think you are only missing h264 support from vdr core which could be the
reason why the video pid of the channel is set to zero.

A patch for adding h264 support to vdr 1.6 -series is included in this mailing
list post:

It's the 
and it works for 1.6 even though the name suggests 1.5 version.

Vdr 1.7.x includes h264 support by default.


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