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> Using VDR 1.7.6
> 1) On 7 East, there are hannels with two audio shown as TUR, and ORJ
> (Tur for Turkish and Orj for original language) Default audio is Tur and 
> OSD settings it is not possible to give Orj a higher priority as it is no
t in
> the list of languages.

Well, "orj" is not an actual language ;-)

What you could try is to add "orj" to

const char *LanguageCodeList[]

in i18n.c and see if that helps.

Thanks Klaus,
That works perfect!
Any chance it can be added to the core as orj is a kind of virtual language
and in most cases it does equal to English...

Also one little thing that is driving me crazy.
My 3 years old daughter presses accidentally the Pause button and starts al
sort of instant recordings silenty, my wife then complains vdr is broken
because she canĀ“t change channels.

What I am asking for is for some possibility to make the instant recording 
for confirmation before starting the instant recording.

The problem is even worse as we could actually be watching a DVD or an .avi
outside vdr (but with vdr running in the background to allow for recordings
so on) and pause the movie and lirc always helpful will send the pause comm
to vdr as well so I end up with even more undesired recordings.

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