VDR User a écrit :
> 512MB won't get you far with hdtv.  It won't even get you 5 minutes
> worth.  Needless to say, you'd need at least a few GB of dedicated ram
> to even bother with it.  At least ram is cheap now as you've pointed
> out (especially if you take advantage of MIR's).  After seeing how
> much money I was wasting every month in my electric bill just by not
> setting a sleep timeout on my harddrives, ram is the only place I'd
> want any caching like that to take place if I were interested in
> buffering live tv.

Can you give tell us how much ?
I roughly estimated the cost here in France : 1W on 24/7/365 costs 1€/year.

Leaving a green HD on 24/7 (Western Digital 1TB GP) costs me 5€/year 
here. Leaving the whole server on (4 HDD, DVB device, ADSL box, 
networking gear, etc.) costs me 65€/year... Much less than, say, hot water.


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