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> On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 10:30 AM, Pasi Juppo <p...@juppo.fi> wrote:
>> VDR is very nice. I've been using it for years now. But it is still very
>> much tech focused in many areas. E.g. cutting recordings is way too
>> complicated for non-tech persons.
> Could you elaborate on this?  The editing in VDR is very simplistic
> and requires no real technical skill at all.  It's nothing more then
> setting cut points, frame stepping, and performing the cut.  The user
> only has to know what he wants to cut/keep so I'm not sure why anyone
> would say it's way too complicated.  I know there are some people who
> mix with computers like water & oil but if you can manage to use the
> remote, you should be able to edit just fine. ;)
The problem is not how to edit but which buttons needs to be pressed to
set cutting marks, which to move them, which to start actual cutting
etc. If you use this feature less than once per month then it's obvious
that you will not remember these buttons. I can fully understand that
non-technical people don't bother to remember every little detail (such
as this) but simply to use it. IF there were help pages available from,
pretty much, every OSD screen it would be easy to check which buttons
shall be pressed to do e.g. editing.

For example regarding MPlayer plugin. I have troubles remembering which
numbers are assigned to advance or delay of sound, change of subtitles
etc. These are not needed often but sometimes. It would be really nice
to take a look at Help page of MPlayer plugin to check what buttons are
assigned to which function etc. than to go to different room, log into
VDR machine, check plugin's Readme-file and get back to the couch - oh,
what was assigned to the button 7..

Small things like Help pages make a huge difference to the usability of
the VDR and plugins.

Br, Pasi

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