On Fri, 8 May 2009, Pasi Juppo wrote:

> It seriously would not hurt VDR if there were Help pages available via
> OSD. Yes, there are man-pages but my guess is that very very few end
> users will actually go to terminal to check man-pages if they have some
> problems with VDR how to do something. They just don't bother. And this
> is request for Klaus because he's the author of the VDR thus should keep
> the help pages of VDR up-to-date. And preferably all plugin developers
> would do the same.

Some plugins (all of mine for example) do have manual/help. You'll need 
just to press Info button to access them on plugin's active setup entry. 
This would be quite beneficial for core VDR too as many options are 
quite hard to understand at the first glance and a separate "Keymap" 
menu item would be a nice addition into the setup menu for averate 


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