On 09.05.2009 12:38, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> - When should such a recording be deleted?
>    If it gets deleted as soon as replay is stopped, you'll be very surprised
>    when you (or your kids ;-) inadvertently press Stop, and you can't resume
>    replay.
>    If it gets deleted after a certain timeout, you'll probably turn this off
>    once you lost such a recording for the first time, because something
>    came up that kept you from finishing viewing it in time.
> - How to handle such a recording if it's not in the list of recordings?
>    Maybe you find the recording to be so interesting that you want to
>    keep it - no chance if it doesn't appear in the list.

What about just asking the user?

So someone hit pause and play. No one remembers. For now, its some kind 
of invisible recording. If someone hits 'stop' or tries to change 
channels, ask the user 'Continue instant recording?'. If he presses OK, 
make the recording visible. If he presses cancel, delete the recording.



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