On 09.05.2009 21:31, Udo Richter wrote:
> On 08.05.2009 21:42, Pasi Juppo wrote:
>> The problem is not how to edit but which buttons needs to be pressed to
>> set cutting marks, which to move them, which to start actual cutting
>> etc.
> I agree that the editing key mapping is not very intuitive, at least not 
> as intuitive as the rest of VDR. I'm not sure how this can be improved 
> the best way, but I think some 'editing mode' as opposed to normal 
> 'playback mode' may be a good solution.
> This 'editing mode' could have some (OSD visible) key mapping like 
> red->toggle mark, green->jump to last mark, yellow->jump to next mark, 
> blue->start editing. However, this would make jumping a lot more difficult.

The color keys are already in use during replay - and I really don't see
how using the color keys would be any more intuitive than using the
number keys.

> Or some mini-onscreen menu? Navigate to 'toggle mark' and press ok? Too 
> difficult.
> Switchable key mappings? Not intuitive.
> And how to go to editing mode? No obvious key is unused or unneeded. 
> Give it a main menu item when in playback mode?
> This is probably something that will need several incarnations as a 
> patch to find a nice and intuitive solution. Any volunteers?

The only way this could be made "intuitive" is probably by using a
remote control that has dedicated keys for these functions (and making
them definable in VDR, but it's already prepared for that - see keys.h).

Personally I don't find the key mapping that unintuitive. After all,
the number keys are unused in replay mode, so why not use them for


    4=Move Back              6=Move Forward

    7=Jump Back   8=Test     9=Jump Forward


How about using a marker pen and drawing some symbols onto your remote
control that indicate these actions?


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