On 09.05.2009 22:04, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> This 'editing mode' could have some (OSD visible) key mapping like
>> red->toggle mark, green->jump to last mark, yellow->jump to next mark,
>> blue->start editing. However, this would make jumping a lot more difficult.
> The color keys are already in use during replay - and I really don't see
> how using the color keys would be any more intuitive than using the
> number keys.

Users don't expect number keys to do anything else than being numbers. 
The color keys are more 'general use', and there's already a common way 
to display their meaning onscreen.

> Personally I don't find the key mapping that unintuitive. After all,
> the number keys are unused in replay mode, so why not use them for
> editing?
>                    2=Cut
>      4=Move Back              6=Move Forward
>      7=Jump Back   8=Test     9=Jump Forward
>                    0=Toggle

Yeah, but was it 7 or 1 for jumping? Does cutting start on 2 or 8?

Don't get me wrong, I can do this blindfolded in my dreams. Its just not 
as obvious and easy to discover for beginner/infrequent users as the 
rest of VDR is.



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