Udo Richter schrieb:
> On 09.05.2009 22:04, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> Personally I don't find the key mapping that unintuitive. After all,
>> the number keys are unused in replay mode, so why not use them for
>> editing?
>>                    2=Cut
>>      4=Move Back              6=Move Forward
>>      7=Jump Back   8=Test     9=Jump Forward
>>                    0=Toggle
> Yeah, but was it 7 or 1 for jumping? Does cutting start on 2 or 8?
> Don't get me wrong, I can do this blindfolded in my dreams. Its just not 
> as obvious and easy to discover for beginner/infrequent users as the 
> rest of VDR is.
Please PLEASE don't change that to color keys - the number keys are 
perfect for taht.

What i do like is the help page idea - just that there is a possibility 
to quickly show a keymap like written above by Klaus, next button press 
switch it off. Should be easy and works. Someone tested the aide plugin ?

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