On Sat, May 9, 2009 at 1:04 PM, Klaus Schmidinger
<klaus.schmidin...@cadsoft.de> wrote:
> Personally I don't find the key mapping that unintuitive. After all,
> the number keys are unused in replay mode, so why not use them for
> editing?
>                  2=Cut
>    4=Move Back              6=Move Forward
>    7=Jump Back   8=Test     9=Jump Forward
>                  0=Toggle

That should be perfectly fine as probably every remote had number keys
and they're certainly all going to be grouped together.  In my opinion
those are the _only_ keys that make sense for editing.  If it's really
a problem for people to remember those 6 functions, you could always
just display them on the osd with the press of the info button or
whatever.  The only key you really should make an effort to remember
is 2 (cut).  I've forgotten the others before but with a couple
seconds of fiddling around with the other numbers, I quickly
rediscovered what each did so it's never been any real issue here.

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