On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 1:36 AM, Stuart Morris <stuart_mor...@talk21.com> wrote:
> I haved lost count the number of times I have pressed the numbered keys on my 
> remote by accident and then panic because I don't know how to undo what then 
> happened.
> This is definitely a trap for unsuspecting beginners.

I mean this in the nicest way possible but paying more attention to
what you're pressing would pretty much resolve your problem.

In all honesty most of the complaints I've read have little or no real
issue with VDR itself but rather the users either not paying attention
to what they're doing, not bothering to read the manual & memorize the
few keys involved, and/or wanting VDR to kid-proof the remote for
them.  It seems all of these "problems" could be eliminated with a
little extra effort by the user.  That being said, if there's
something that could be done to help and Klaus is willing to do it
then super.  Or better yet if someone else takes it upon himself to
create these patches so Klaus can be left to focus on the bigger fish
to fry.

For the record, I have kids, who can be more like monkeys often times,
and have no problem keeping the remote away from their curious
fingers.  I've accidentally pressed buttons that had undesired actions
before as well.  So, when I say these problems can be resolved with a
little more effort & attention on the users part, I'm speaking from
experience.  Of course it's easier to decide you can't be bothered
with it on your end and ask someone else to fix it for you, but
truthfully speaking the user-side fix isn't exactly hard to begin
with.  I guess we'll have to agree to disagree as to how serious of an
issue this stuff is, or whether it's even a problem with VDR itself or


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