Handling of the pause key is an intreresting issue.

There was proposal to configure the pause key as down key. This works during
replay, but hitting the pause during live video changes channel.

Better solution would be to add setup option for pause key handling. I made
a simple patch for this:

The patch adds pause key handling options to the recording setup:
- do not pause live video
- confirm pause live video
- pause live video (default)

Please have a look if you need setup options for pause key handling. Patch
is made for vanilla VDR 1.6.0-2. Plugins should be recompiled after
implementing the patch.


2009/5/8 Pasi Juppo <p...@juppo.fi>

> I'd also like to see option where live-tv pause can be enabled/disabled.
> It has seldom been a problem but the whole feature is not usable for our
> usage.
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