VDR User kirjoitti:
> On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 7:48 AM, Jouni Karvo <jouni.ka...@iki.fi> wrote:
>> hi,
>> I am using yaepghd + vdr-xine 9.2.  The small window showing the current
>> channel does not scale the video down, but only shows a small fraction
>> of the normal-sized video window.
>> Any idea on how to make the video scale for the window?
> I looked into this before and apparently support has to be added to
> xine-lib for it.  I would email Darren Salt, the xine-dev mailing
> list, or join #xine on freenode and inquire there.
Ah, actually, all I needed to do was to edit one setting in the vdr-xine
Makefile.  Working finely now!

... now I just need to find a way to open the recording dialog in
yaepghd.  This one is not trivial.


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