There is a new developer version of the Fritz-Plugin waiting for you.
If nothing unexpected happens, this is going to start the new stable branch 1.2.

2009-05-12: Version 1.1.6
- changes in libfritz++
  * Removed the default of countryCode = "49" if
Tools::GetLocationSettings() fails. This task is
  handed over to the caller, see next.
  * Added new parameters to Config::Setup() to give default values for
countryCode and regionCode.
  The default parameters are used, when auto-detection in
Tools::GetLocationSettings() fails. The
  new parameter locationSettingsDetected indicates whether
auto-detection was successful. In this
  case, the given default values are overwritten to give the caller
access to the new values.
  * Fixed naming of local phonebook. The recommended name is now
localphonebook.csv, the old name
  localfonbuch.csv is still accepted. The directory remains
- added new setup options for country code and region code. If the
plugin is unable to detect
  these automatically (e.g., with some older Fritz!Boxes) the values
are taken from these setup
  (reported by Ronny [30])

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