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> Hi, is dvb-h a subset of dvb-t? our country decided to switch on
> dvb-t, we receive dvb-t and dvb-h with h.264.

DVB-H is more than just DVB-T plus H264 services. I strongly think that 
what you're having in your country is standard DVB-T with normal H264 
services how they are supported with VDR 1.7.

DVB-H is using also H264 to encode video streams, but is encapsulating it 
in RTP over DVB-MPE. Up to now I don't know any complete DVB-H reception 
chain, though there are some starting points which can be found in the 
dvb-apps repository at linuxtv.org and at other places. But before you're 
diving in to that, I recommend that you're first trying to find out 
whether it is really DVB-H you're looking for or DVB-T with H264. DVB-H 
service however are designs for handheld devices with small screens, most 
likely the video quality will not be very nice when watching it on a 
full-screen desktop/TV replacement.


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