Antti Ajanki ha scritto:
> New version of the Webvideo plugin is available at
> The Webvideo plugin is a tool for browsing and downloading videos from
> popular video sharing websites, such as YouTube and Google video, using
> VDR menu interface or a command line client. With the help of
> xineliboutput plugin the videos can be played directly without
> downloading them first.
> Changes:
> 2009-05-10: Version 0.1.5
> - Don't crash VDR if can't connect to the daemon
> - Updated to work with Python 2.6 (a parameter name has changed in
>    asynchat)
> - Force the installation prefix for Python scripts to be /usr, not
>    /usr/local
> - Command line argument --daemoncmd specifies the command for starting
>    the webvid daemon
i updated the plugin with new Python packages on Arch and everything was
good but i did an error updating Mplayer and FFmpeg since i couldn't
reproduce files after download.

Well, now i can see all the files downloaded from YouTube but without audio.

Can be possibile to put and option that convert the file adter download
in a mpeg file?

Thanks for your nice work,
Diego Pierotto

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