On 15.05.2009 23:31, Frank Schmirler wrote:
>> Also, can an svdrp command be added to perform a VDR shutdown?  I
>> notice the svdrp command "QUIT" described as "Exit VDR" but after
>> testing this command, nothing happened.

Its "Exit vdr (SVDRP)". Notice the difference. The command quits the 
SVDRP connection, not VDR.

> HITK power

This only triggers the shutdown script. Its then in turn the job of the 
shutdown script to make sure that VDR terminates, for example by 
shutting down the computer and let init do the kill of VDR.

There's one exception, if there's a status message or status prompt on 
screen. In that case the key will be interpreted as response to the 
status line. For example, sending HITK power twice will start and cancel 
the shutdown. (or confirm an override.)

As already said, VDR exits gracefully on a TERM signal. But if you need 
to set a next wakeup time or don't want to interrupt recordings, you 
have to go the HITK way. (I know there's the SVDRP NEXT command, but the 
shutdown wakeup time handles more things than just timers.)



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