Magnus Hörlin a écrit :
> Well, my first imressions of the ION platform (Acer Revo) are very good. 
> It does the vdpau deinterlacing without problems and so far the video 
> decoding has not exceeded 1% cpu load for ANY 1080p clip I've tried. 
> This is the best VDR frontend/XBMC machine I've ever tried. I don't know 
> why, but it works better than my Intel E7200/Nvidia 9400 uATX board. For 
> those interested it uses 34W from 220V with the hdd still attached. I 
> don't know if it's using any power though, since I've disabled SATA in 
> the bios because I boot it off the network. Anyone who knows how to open 
> this wonderful little thing?

Thanks for the feedback.

Knowing that my EPIA ML6000 draws 25W from the wall (no HDD at all) 
while hardware-decoding MPEG2, using the same kind of power brick, I'd 
say decoding 1080p with 34W is great !
I guess the HDD will still spin, even with SATA disabled at the BIOS. 
You could rip 2 more watts off by unpluging it.

Openning it :

Does digital sound come out of the box on HDMI only ? No SPDIF of some 
kind ?


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