I encountered a problem with playing back a particular recording on 
Windows over a samba share: ProSieben has a series which they call 
"Switch Reloaded", but today they decided to call it "Switch reloaded". 
(notice the small "r") As a result, VDR created a second folder with the 
same name, but different "R"/"r"s.

W2K/XP/Vista are able to view both folders, but they have the same 
content (both show the content of the folder with the small "r" in the 
name). So, one folder content is not accessible. (BTW: Vista introduced 
a funny bug, it shows the folder with the small "r" twice in the tree, 
but both different folders in the flat view.)

This happened with --vfat as command line parameter with VDR 1.7.2.

Well, I don't really know if this is a VDR, Samba or Windows problem...


P.S.: I set "case sensitive = yes" in smb.conf. Now Windows can access 
both folders in the flat file view on the right with the right content, 
but not in the folder tree on the left (folders have still the same 

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