On 16.05.2009 22:30, Pasi Juppo wrote:
> Seriously, there are many many things that are purely user error - so
> what! If the SW can eliminate few of those then wouldn't it be advantage
> of the SW?
> If VDR can provide assistance to solve "user error" then why not
> implement it and make more users happy about VDR? Just because it is
> additional work it shall not be developed? Oh, please.. Especially when
> both parties will have exactly what they want - no change to existing
> functionality as a default config and for those (like myself)
> configuration to disable the live-TV pausing.
> Instead of looking purely on software technical factors try to look
> things from the end user point of view - and I should add here: from
> multipe different skilled end users point of view.
> And to put some sarcasm at the end then why don't Klaus remove remote
> control support from VDR. Who wants to use clumsy, usually not 100%
> working, with only few buttons and with batteries that drain out remote
> control when there are oh-so-nice keyboards and mouses available which
> provide every possibility there is to control VDR..

Guys, can you please just stop this bashing?!

Timo Eskola has suggested a patch that implements a setup
option for this at http://www.tolleri.net/vdr/vdr/vdr-1.6.0-2-pause-0.0.1.patch,
and I'm going to add this to version 1.7.8.


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