> On premiere channels, the second audio stream is ´Englisch´ but the fir
> st one
> is selected by default ´Deutsch´ even though eng has been selected as a
> prefered language in Setup, DVB
> Tested to be true with VDR 1.7.7
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from my experience I can assure you the preferred language selection IS
working, but for Premiere. The reason is simple: They just broadcast
wrong information about the language. The abbreviation for English
should be "eng" but on Premiere channels it is always "deu" for every
language. If you change the information in the .info file from "deu
Englisch" to "eng Englis[c]h" it will work correctly, at least when
By the ways, ORF does have bilingual broadcasts as well and they provide
the correct information and it works fine.

I wrote a simple script to integrate with reccmds.conf to correct the
EPG information should someone be interested.

Kind regards

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