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Malcolm Caldwell <malcolm.caldw...@cdu.edu.au> wrote:

> Everything is working except: sxfe freezes from time to time.  When this
> happens ESC does not kill it, the only way to keep going is to kill the
> sxfe process twice (or do kill -9).

I get that a lot too. IME it's much worse when run on a separate PC,
it's quite reliable on my HTPC. But it's still enough of a worry that I
added a kill feature to boxstar. I think the weakness is in xinelib,
I've never found any variant or version of xine to be as reliable as,
say mplayer, and they all require kill -9 from time to time. gxine is by
far the worst. It's a shame there isn't a standard for the OSD so that
you could choose between xine, mplayer, VLC, totem etc.

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