marti...@embl.de schrieb:
> VDR 1.7.7
> I have installed the mplayer plugin
> and read the MANUAL in the xine plugin, consequently modified mplayer.sh
> to call xineplayer instead of mplayer
> So far so good but when I open the mplayer plugin and play any file (for 
> example
> a .avi ) the movie displays correctly but there is no way to pause it, or
> otherwise control it.
> I press pause and I see the pause symbol on the screeen but whereas playing
> normal vdr recordings it works fine, with the mplayer plugin and xineplayer 
> the
> movie does not pause.
> Anybody has experienced this and more important found a way to get this 
> working?

This is by design: this functionality requires SLAVE mode, but
xineplayer currently only supports TRADITIONAL.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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