Il 22/05/2009 09:32, Torgeir Veimo ha scritto:
2009/5/22 Fabio Bordin<>:
Someone knows how to tell evdev to skip a particular /dev/input/event* ?
or how to disable evdev?

Configure vdr to not use keyboard input. Instead use the remote plugin
which can be configured with a specific input device.
My problem is that vdr and remote plugin wont configure at statup.

I explain better:
Fresh install, I copy *.conf file from vdr source dir to video dir.
There is no remote.conf file.
I start vdr from vdr-source dir with this comman: "./vdr -P"xinelibpouput -p" -P"remote -i /dev/input/eventX"
where eventX is the device i want to use to control my remote.

Vdr start but let me see only a black screen with "no signal"

No remote.conf created.

If I copy the remote.conf from xineliboutput's wiki, vdr let me use keyboard if I start without remote plugin.
If I start with remote plugin vdr let me see only no-signal.
Last night even without remote plugin, vdr did not want to let me see tv.

In general, there's no perfect distro for bleeding edge vdr at the
moment, you'll need to compile most stuff.

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