Alex Betis a écrit :
> Is there a way to configure VDR show the epgsearch plugin as default guide?
> Currently I can access the plugin by pressing green button or from the menu.
> I'd like it to replace the default EPG browser when pressing guide button
> and another place (less
> important for me) when pressing info button and than back button.

I recently read about a "menu" plugin, which handles all the menu 
system, right from the main menu. The menu tree appears to be configured 
with an XML file, which calls standard submenus, plugin menus, or even 
launches commands.

Unfortunately, I can't remember where, and I have no browsing history at 
the moment.

You question is part of a recurring request about the menu : the main 
items can't be easily *replaced* by plugins. Maybe Klaus have something 
regarding this in his secret TODO list ;-)


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