We have release a new stable version of the Fritz-Plugin. Main
improvements since the last stable release are:

2009-05-28: Version 1.2.0
- new setup option "React on calls" allow configuration if the plugin acts on
  incoming, outgoing or any calls
- changed function of kRed in the menu
  * "Reload phonebooks" was moved to the setup menu
  * new function "Next phonebook" ("> PB") iterates through
    the displayable phonebooks
    (the last one shown is remembered beyond vdr restarts)
- new setup option "Show detailed call information"
  If switched to yes, the plugin opens an own OSD screen for notifications
  instead of using Skins.Message. This way, more information can be displayed
  (still to be done).
- shortened message displaying an incoming call from an unknown extension
  (suggested by Habib [27])     
- the number of missed calls is now announced via the plugins' main menu entry.
  Enter the "missed calls" list to reset this counter.
- main menu entry is shortened to "Fritz!Box"
- modifications in the phone book menu
  * now grouping phone book entries by name
  * pressing OK now opens a detail menu. Within this detail menu calls can
    be triggered with kRed, as in all other detail menus
    (suggested by apex [28])
- fixed missing SetHelp() in cMenuFonbuchDetail
- added support for phone books without number-type (e.g., old Fritz!Boxes) in
  phone book detail screen
  (reported by ronnykornexl [30])
- fixed storing the password, which got lost in some cases
- changed default password to an empty one
- fixed wrong announcement of missed calls before call list retrieval
- adapting plugin to new Fritz!Box firmware versions:
  * auto detecting charset encoding when retrieving phonebook entries
  * modified interface language detection (currently using a
trial-and-error approach,
    because old approach is no longer supported by newest firmware)
- splitted plugin into plugin application and three static libraries
  * libfritz++ (included all Fritz!Box specific functionality)
  * libtcpclient++ (providing tcp socket communication)
  * libpthread++ (providing pthread support, independant of VDRs
  With this, it is possible to use these libraries in other projects
not related to VDR.
- Improvements in libfritz++
  * Added resolving of SIP[0-9] to real provider names.
  * Fixed naming of local phonebook. The recommended name is now
localphonebook.csv, the old name
    localfonbuch.csv is still accepted. The directory remains
  * Updated OertlichesFonbook to new website layout
    (fix provided by Matthias [31])
  * implemented reverse lookup function for +31 (Netherlands)
  * cOertlichesFonbuch no longer tries to resolve non german phone numbers
  * improved detection of unsuccessful logins to the Fritz!Box
  * made the plugin independent of Fritz!Box's webinterface language
    (thanks to Gandalf [29] for supporting and testing this)
  * if no password is set, the plugin no longer tries to login to the Fritz!Box
  * implemented support for a local phone book (suggested by neptunvasja [6])
    ** The fonbook is a csv-file located at
       using the same encoding as VDR
    ** Each line of this file has the pattern
       For <type> specify 1 (home), 2 (mobile) or 3 (work).
- all socket communication of the plugin can now be traced into
  If this file exists at VDR startup, tracing is enabled. If not,
tracing is disabled.
  If you experience problems with vdr-fritzbox, this trace may be
helpful in debugging
  the issue. However, please be aware that this trace may contain
password and other
  sensitive information.
- modified logging to syslog. All log entries related to this plugin are now
  prefixed with "vdr-fritzbox:".
- removed memory leak in cMenuSetupFritzbox::Store[MSN|Fonbooks]
- configuration changes of MSN filter, selected fonbooks, hostname and
password are now
  considered immediately without a restart
- fixed a possible crash when using the plugin with showNumber =
pauseOnCall = muteOnCall = false.
  (Patch provided by Andreas [26])
- added new setup options for country code and region code. If the
plugin is unable to detect
  these automatically (e.g., with some older Fritz!Boxes) the values
are taken from these setup
  (reported by Ronny [30])
- updated russian translations
  (provided by neptunvasja [6])
- updated italian translations (provided by Diego [24])

Download via http://www.joachim-wilke.de/vdr-fritz.htm

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